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A flavoursome Treat
Ginger has widely been in use in India and China, from very ancient times. Small wornder, it’s the earliest of all spices to be introduced in Europe. Hot and penetrating , ginger is slightly biting too. It is the freshly dried, powdered or pureed rhizome of a perennial herb. All over the world, ginger finds a wider use in foods, beverages, preservatives, medicines and perfumery. Kishor Spices brings you quality ginger , obtained right from the source, in two varieties: Cochin Ginger Rough Washed Unbleached NUGC Special (Big Pieces).

Cochin Ginger Rough Washed Unbleached NUGC Good (Small Pieces) Every from of ginger – fresh, dried, pickled, preserved in syrup, powdered , crystalloid has been used since time immemorial . If some call it a tastemaker, others call it a flavourant. Yet some others use ginger as an appetizer. Ginger has always meant many things to people.