Flavouring future

Kishor Shamji It takes a lot to do things excellently. That too consistently. Year after year. As the natural outcome of consistent excellence, awards and accolades have come. Though Kishor Spices believes that a lot more has to come. And above all, a lot more is to be done. Like adding more products. Bringing out more value-added spices. Gaining still more markets. In its steps to realize these goals , the company is fast going in for ambitious developments. With backward and forward integration getting more emphasis. For, only that way the Company can rise upto its own expectations. Of serving its customers still better.

Spicing up taste. And lives.

Indian Spices - There is nothing like them anywhere in the world, in aroma and taste; In colour and array. Indian spices have inspired many maritime discoveries. Created and ravaged empires;, Made and marred relationships... The history of the word could very well be the history of Indian spices.

From the ancient Phoenicians, Egyptians and Persians to the Europeans and later to the Japanese and the Americans, Indian spices, especially pepper and ginger have lent a dash of life to their otherwise bland cuisines. Thereby making lives better and palatable too..
Found in abundance in the southern-most tip of India, in Kerala, pepper and ginger offer a flavoursome treat. In both array and flavour - thanks to a salubrious climate and environment friendly, traditional organic cultivation, which is marked by the absence of the use of fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides.

Kishor spices brings you the best amids Indian Pepper and Ginger.

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